Kids parties 2021

In light of the current pandemic, we have adapted our children’s party concept. Both packages allow us to combine cardio, comedy, drama, dancing and party games for  kids aged 4-10. 

Our two current options:

The Kidnetick virtual party:

Up to 35 households: £60

More than 35 households: £80 

1 hr outdoor garden party suitable in all weather (This option is not always available):

5-9 children: £69   

10-15 children: £89

16-20 (2o max): £109

With COVID-19 prohibiting large kids parties, we are offering an online kids party concept to interact with groups via Zoom. The session typically lasts 40 minutes. 

We are also excited to offer outdoor garden parties, designed for small groups. We will work with the number of households permitted by the Scottish government.  Please contact us to discuss numbers. While the price would increased, we can extend the party should you want it to last longer than one hour.

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A Kids virtual birthday

An 11th birthday using Zoom

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Kidnetick vs the kids on Zoom

Fun and games at a kids virtual birthday party